CNC Patterns & Moulds

Innovative Pattern & Mould designs and Production

Pattern making has long been a strength of Wholesome,  with extensive experience in the manufacture of patterns and moulds, including work for the top end of yacht racing to automotive racing, medical and aviation sectors and through to primary industries of mining, agriculture, marine and transportation. We have the pattern making and mould making knowledge to provide you with high quality parts, manufactured to specific tolerances and shrinkages. Wholesome is a specialists in problem solving and the development of a large variety of methods, types and materials.

Talk to us about your moulding requirements, get it done right the first time and as efficient as possible.

See our design page for all 2d and 3d capabilities

  • Foundry Pattern Maker

  • Engineering Pattern Maker

  • Plugs / Moulds

  • Casting Patterns and Moulds

  • Vacuum moulds & tooling

  • Marine parts and foils

  • Composite moulds

  • Moulds for Concrete / GRC

  • Prototyping

  • Materials – Mdf, Hdf, Tooling board, epoxy, EPS foam, Jelutong

  • Methods – Hand made, CNC router, 3d Printer